New: HEATKILLER® GPU backplates

From now on, we offer matching backplates for a selected range of graphic cards. The backplates are made from polished stainless steel, giving them an especially classy look. The introduction line-up includes backplates for Nvidia Geforce GTX 570/580, Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 V2, and AMD Radeon HD7970/7950. Additional information can be found in the product descriptions .

New: Water-cooler, backplate, and single slot cover for AMD Radeon HD7970/7950

From now on, we offer a suitable cooler for AMD’s latest graphic cards, as well as the matching backplate and single slot cover made from polished stainless steel. For additional information, please visit our shop and forum.

HEATKILLER® GPU Backplate 79X0
Single Slotblende Radeon HD 79X0

HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 now available for socket 2011

Watercool now offers a water cooler for the Intel socket 2011. Due to its similarities with the socket 1366, the compatibility of the HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 1366 could be extended by adding adapted mounting material. It is now called the HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 1366/2011, and an appropriate conversion kit for all HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 owners is available.
Additionally on offer is a stripped down conversion kit for HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 1366 owners, which contains only the additional mounting material for socket 2011.
ll conversion kits are available with black chromated mounting plates for those who want to convert a HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 Ni-BI to a new socket. Additional information can be found in the corresponding product descriptions in our shop.

New cooler available for Nvidia GTX 580 graphic cards without heatspreader

Recently, GTX 580 cards from EVGA, among others, appeared, which utilise the reference PCB layout, but do not use the common heatspreader on the GPU. This prohibits the use of conventional coolers, as the reduced height creates a gap between GPU and cooler. We embraced the problem and now offer the HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ GTX 570/580 noIHS "Hole Edition", which fits reference-PCB GTX 580 cards without heatspreader. As an additional benefit, the direct contact between cooler and GPU allows the GPU-X³ to utilise even more of his potential, achieving improved temperature readings in internal tests. For additional information, please visit our hop.

Our HTF4 high-end heat exchanger wins its first awards

Only a short time back, we introduced the HTF4 LT to our product line. Now the first testers have given their verdict. If you want to know how our high-end heat exchanger fares, you could read the following links: 
user review from Cartago on
HTF4 test on

New mainboard watercooling kit for Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z in a new design

For weeks, we laboured and toiled; now it is done. Our website, forum, and shop present themselves in new splendour, and their contents have been reworked as well, all to offer more information about Watercool products than ever before. As always, we appreciate critique, praise, and suggestions, which can be directed to our feedback thread.

First products of the new HTF4 series available

We are glad to present the new HTF4 series; the first products are available from now on. First in line is the HTF4 3x140LT with accessories, in both black and white. Additional heat exchangers will follow, and the range of accessories will be extended. For additional information, please visit our shop and forum.

HEATKILLER® SW-X mainboard cooler series extended

Two more sets are added to the HEATKILLER® SW-X series of mainboard coolers: One for the Asus CROSSHAIR V Formula and one for the Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3. Both sets are available as standard (copper), LT (POM), and Ni (nickel-plated). Furthermore, the existing mainboard set HEATKILLER® MB-SET GA-Z68X-UD4 is supplemented by an LT and a Ni edition, and the HEATKILLER® MB-SET ASUS-P8P67 / Z68 by a Ni edition. For additional information, please visit our shop and  forum

New design for the voltage regulator series SW-X

With the HEATKILLER SW-X, we refresh our line-up of mainboard coolers. Combined with the flexible north and southbridge coolers of the NSB 3.0 series, the SW-X series enables complete cooling of the mainboard. The modular construction of the new coolers allows recombination of the tops with various cooling plates. Using separately available conversion kits, the coolers can be reused after a mainboard change. Additional information and pictures can be found in our forum.