HEATKILLER® IV water blocks for AMD RX Vega 56 and 64 now available

It's our pleasure to announce that the complete line-up of water blocks for AMD RX Vega 56 and 64 is now available.

The core features of these blocks are excellent performance while maintaining very low flow restriction to achieve maximum efficiency.
We came up with a new solution for illumination. It is still possible to simply use a single-color-LED strip. This strip connects to the onboard LED port of the graphics card. But we now also offer customized RGB LED strips. This strip comes with a custom sleeved cable that can be routed out of the block and then connects to a LED header on the mainboard or an external LED controller. This way, the water block can be included into an existing illumination concept.

Find all versions and accessories below:


Prod.Nr. Product name MSRP incl. 19% VAT
15046 HEATKILLER® IV for RX Vega 56 and 64 - ACRYL 104,95 €
15047 HEATKILLER® IV for RX Vega 56 and 64 - ACRYL Ni 114,95 €
15048 HEATKILLER® IV for RX Vega 56 and 64 - ACRYL Ni-Bl 114,95 €
78026 HEATKILLER® LED Stripes - VGA Vega - blue 8,95 €
78027 HEATKILLER® LED Stripes - VGA Vega - red 8,95 €
78028 HEATKILLER® LED Stripes - VGA Vega - white 8,95 €
78029 HEATKILLER® LED Stripes - Size XS - RGB 9,95 €
15498 I/O Bracket for R9 Fury X and RX Vega 6,95 €


Dedicated water block for AMD Ryzen Threadripper in development

We are happy to announce that we are currently working on a dedicated water block for AMD's new Ryzen Threadripper CPUs. We tailored the cooling engine exactly to the enlarged DIE area of the Threadripper CPUs. THis should yield the best possible cooling performance even under heavy overclocks.
The block will come with very unique aesthetics, because we follow the rectangular shape of the socket. But fans of the original Heatkiller design language can rest easy, the block will be recognizable as a Heatkiller product since we incorporated some typical design elements. Pictures will follow soon.
Additionally to this standalone water block, we will also offer conversion kits for Heatkiller IV CPU blocks. The 66mm long cooling plate of the Heatkiller IV almost covers the entire DIE area of a Threadripper. It can hence provide a decent cooling solution. But if you want to drive your Threadkiller to the absolute maximum, you should rather go for the dedicated block.
The water block will come in different versions and will start to ship on September 6zh. The conversion kits will also be available on September 6th.

Watercool confirms 2066 socket compatibility

All HEATKILLER® IV CPU water blocks for INTEL CPUs are out-of-the-box compatible with the latest socket 2066 by INTEL. Mounting is identical to socket 2011. The same mounting material can be used with sockets 2011 and 2066.

The same applies for our HEATKILLER® CPU REV 3.0. Customers who own the mounting kit for socket 2011 can use the water block with the new Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs. Customers who do not have the mounting kit can get their conversion kit at our resellers or our shop.
We would like to use the opportunity to mention that we now offer complete water blocks with the popular “Hardwareluxx” top. recommends HEATKILLER® IV for GTX 1080 and 1070

Our friends at took a closer look at some waterblocks for the GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 Founders Edition and put them to the acid test. We sent a HEATKILLER® IV for GTX 1080 and 1070 - ACRYL Ni-Blto the lineup.

The testers were very pleased with the performance and the wortkmanship of our water block.

Quote: "The Heatkiller IV XL captivates us by its noble optics in combination with excellentquality of workmanship. EVen more, the water block delivers the best cooling performance of the whole line up, everything is just perfect with this block."
Not only did we receive their Enthusiast Award, but they also issued a recommendation to buy:

"Watercool delivers the best overall package with the Heatkiller, we reward this product with our Enthusiast Award and the recommendation of the staff."

Moving to a new server on Octobre 28th, 2016

Dear WATERCOOL customers,

our website with all its contents will move to a new server on Octobre 28th 2016. The website, the forums and the shop won't be available for a couple of hours. This also affects our emails.

Additionally, our server's IP adress will change. Our web appearance and email availability will be reestablished as soon as the DNS server that is responsible for you will be updated. Depending on your DNS server's refresh rate, this might take somewhere between some hours up to a couple of days.

Your WATERCOOL team recommends MO-RA3 took our biggest radiator and put it to the acid test. The MO-RA3 420 showed off its enormous performance. There were even more aspects that convinced the testers - read the complete review in english here.

Water blocks for Radeon RX 480 are available

We now offer water blocks for Radeon RX 480 with reference PCB layout. Our fullcover water block actively cools both the GPU and the RAM modules and VRMs.

Please see our GPU compatibility list for specific graphic cards.

There are following versions available:


Art. Nr. Produktname EVP incl. MWST
15041 HEATKILLER® IV for RX 480 - ACRYL 99.95 €
15042 HEATKILLER® IV for RX 480 - ACRYL Ni 109.95 €
15577 HEATKILLER® IV for RX 480 - ACETAL 99.95 €
15578 HEATKILLER® IV for RX 480 - ACETAL Ni 109.95 €


Water blocks for selected ASUS Skylake Mainboards (1151) are available

We offer dedicated water blocks for the voltage regulation of selected socket 1151 Mainboards (Skylake) from ASUS. Overclockers should be happy about this, since it gives them more room for MHz record hunting. But even for systems with standard clock can benefit from optimized cooling for the voltage regulation. When using air cooling on the CPU, the fan usually also cools the VRMs. When this fan is missing, the original passive heatsinks are less effective. Integration in a water cooling loop solves this problem.
We have a HEATKILLER® SW-X solution available for the following mainboards:
ASUS Z170-M Plus
We are currently designing a HEATKILLER® MB-X solution for the following mainboards:

Reviewed: HEATKILLER® IV CPU series

Water coolers from the HEATKILLER® IV CPU series constantly score top test results with reviewers and users alike complimenting on their outstanding manufacturing quality. Quite recently, two new tests have been published, which we would like to present to you in brief:

1. The Russian website ran a few of our HEATKILLER® IV coolers against current models made by EKWB. To anticipate the core finding: the HEATKILLER® IV attained the best cooling performance throughout the test. You find the detailed testing here:

2. Web forum user Narbennarr made several recent CPU water coolers compete. Here too, a HEATKILLER® IV achieved the best test results. The test was published in the forum part of PC Games Hardware, you can find the full review here:

If you should have missed earlier reviews of the HEATKILLER® IV, here goes a list of the corresponding tests: (english) (italian) (english) (german)

We proudly present: HEATKILLER® IV CPU water cooler for INTEL LGA-2011 Narrow ILM mounting

Watercool, your expert in high-quality and high-performance water cooling systems with German headquarter and manufacturing, presents new models of HEATKILLER® IV CPU water coolers. From now on, the multiply awarded HEATKILLER® IV CPU water cooler series is also available for INTEL LGA-2011

Product name Retail price,
VAT included
18041 HEATKILLER® IV PRO (INTEL LGA-2011 Narrow-ILM) COPPER NI 84.95 €

If you should already own a HEATKILLER® IV CPU cooler, you can buy the following conversion kit for sockets INTEL LGA-2011 Narrow ILM and LGA-2011-3 Narrow ILM.

Product name Retail price,
VAT included
14070 Conversion Kit HEATKILLER® IV for INTEL LGA-2011 Narrow ILM 19,95€

These new products can be purchased in the Watercool online shop or at our resellers.