Pre-Order RTX 20 water blocks, Return of the Copper AN

Pre-Order for our Heatkiller for Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti starts today! We returned with the same five versions that were very popular in the Pascal generation. Coldplates in bare copper or nickel-plated copper, tops in Acetal (POM) or Plexiglas, front screens in stainless steel or anodized aluminum.
In our material selection, we took the next technological step: our coldplates are no longer electrolytically plated, but chemically. The ever-growing range of radiators and show fluids with extreme properties offers increasing wear and tear to the nickel plating. So we decided to choose the technological more complex, more elaborate and more expensive plating: the chemical plating is more durable, more robust, and forms a more stable bond with the copper.
Additionally, the blocks with nickel plated coldplate and acrylic top now also come with preinstalled RGB illumination. The copper acryl version can be equipped with an RGB strip by the customer.
The blocks with copper coldplate will start shipping on October 1st, the versions with nickel plated cold plate will start shipping on October 8th. The perfectly matched backplate for RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti follows on October 15th. All blocks will be discounted by 10€ until October 8th as a pre-order gift.
Finally, an old friend of ours makes his return to our product portfolio: the Heatkiller IV COPPER AN CPU blocks were very popular. Unfortunately, a new EU regulation made it impossible to continue the specific plating at the beginning of this year. So it's our great pleasure to announce that we are now able to offer a new version of this classic: the HEATKILLER IV BLACK COPPER. The shade of grey is slightly darker as with the original Copper An, but the BLACK COPPER still keeps the metallic gloss in its almost black surface. Combined with case lighting, this offers absolutely unique and never before seen possibilities!
The BLACK COPPER also is completely chemically nickel plated, which makes it extremely robust against dirty loops or aggressive fluids.
Finally, we added a small, but powerful accessory to our lineup: with the PCI slot pass-through bracket, it is super simple to connect external radiators to your internal cooling loop without having to modify or damage your case. The bracket is the perfect link between our popular MO-RA3 radiators and your internal loop!

Watercool at gamescom - Heatkiller blocks RTX2080

Watercool visited the gamescom this year! We went to the Nvidia keynote, spoke to Jensen himself, saw many fascinating casemods with our gear in them, met old friends and made new friends. Thank you to everyone who made this convention a very special event for us!
The biggest news of this event was definitely the soon-to-come release of the Nvidia RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti. We are very porud that we will be able to support both cards, thanks to our great new partners! The copper versions of our Heatkiller blocks will be available end of September, and the nickelplated versions will be available 1-2weeks later. There will be no thermal throttling stopping your ultimate raytracing gaming experience this fall!

CaseMod WorldSeries 2018 participants with WATERCOOL support

EVery year, the CoolerMaster CaseMod WorldSeries is the platform to showcase the best, most innovative and most impressive casemods of the year. So we are very proud to present two contestants in the 2018 bracket that use full WATERCOOL loops in their systems!
Russian Modder Sergey Mnev that produced some great reviews about our products previously presents his stunning scratch build "Zenith MKII".
And malaysian newcommer Zulkhairol from UTPgame shows off his first fullscale mod "Project Lockdown" which is heavily inspired by the Transformers universe.
You can still vote until August 8th - and we'd love to see some support for our great new partners!

HEATKILLER IV for GTX 1080Ti reviewed

American review page [H]ardOCP is well known for tough reviews and thorough teardowns. We are very proud to see that our HEATKILLER® IV for GTX 1080Ti became great scores in their teardown, test and review, and finally even received their Gold Award!

PAX East 2018

In April was one of the biggest Gamer-Expos in America: PAX East in Boston. We shared a booth with our partners from ModMyMods and showed a broad selection of our current product line up. If you couldn't make it out to Boston, you can find a great tour through our booth on Youtube.
We had a great time meeting all the customers and enthusiasts who came visited us! But we also met some industry contacts, and our new friends from GamersNexus even made a short video to show off our products!
Thanks to everyone who paid us a visit and are looking forward to exhibiting again very soon!

The ultimate waterblock for the ultimate graphics card is finally available

With no doubt, the strongert currently available consumer graphics card ist the Nvidia TITAN V. The first and as of now only Volta architecture based card dominates every benchmark. Unfortunately, the card comes with Nvidia's standard blower-style cooler. But a high performance computing unit like this deserves a high performance cooling solution, aswell - and that has to be a watercooling solution by a Heatkiller, of course!
Our brand new water blocks combine many key features that true enthusiasts will love:

  • The high performance cooling engine that makes perfect contact to GPU and HBM memory.
  • The perfect cooling of all voltage regulation module components with directed water flow.
  • The unique look with broken front cover in either stainless steel or anodized aluminum.
  • And finally, the fully integrated RGB lighting solution, of course, which illuminates this centerpiece of every top of the line PC.

The water blocks can be preordered as of now. A custom fit Heatkiller backplate is also available. Both parts will start shipping on April 19th 2018.

Independent test results for our HEATKILLER® IV PRO for Threadripper™

We spent a lot of time and energy on developing the perfect cooling solution for the AMD’s new Threadripper™ CPUs. The final result is our HEATKILLER® PRO for Threadripper™ that features a really large fin array, simple mounting solution and superior design.
The cooling performance has now been confirmed by two independent testers: In the test by, it came in first undisputedly! In the test setup of [H]ardOCP, it scored the exact same temperature result as one rival, but thanks to its better mounting system and the superior build quality, we won nevertheless!

New accessories: Barrow fittings, Primochill and EPDM tubing

Since three years, Chinese manufacturer BARROW offers fittings for watercooling. Their fittings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer very good sealing characteristics and a great price. We are very happy that we can now offer fittings for 13/10 and 16/10 soft tubes, 12mm and 16mm hardline tubing and a range of adapters and accessories,both in black and in shiny silver. Depending on demand, we will extend our range here.
From the american manufacturer PRIMOCHILL, we now carry the extremely popular PrimoFlex Advanced LRT tubing in 13/10 and 16/10. We carry both transparent and several opaque, colored versions. PrimoFlex Advanced LRT is a very kink resistant PVC tubing that stays shiny and brilliant for a long duration and almost doesn’t cloud.
Finally, we discovered a source for good EPDM tubing. This opaque, back matte tubing has its strong point in its chemical properties: it is made from natural rubber that doesn’t need plasticizers, as PVC tubing does. A loop equipped with EPDM tubing will stay very clean for a long duration and is virtually maintenance free. We offer this tubing in 13/10 and 16/10, too.

TeamHeatkiller: Snef builds the ASUS ROG CES 2018 centerpiece

It's January, and world's largest Consumer Electronics Show, the CES in Las Vegas, is right before us. Each year, the wellknown hardware manufacturer ASUS chooses a especially skilled modder to create a build for them to perfectly present their newest hardware. They chose the second time in a row canadian Snef, who chose all Heatkiller components for his creation, as he did with his 2017 build PhoeniX. He created a beautiful, timeless mod, that is elegant, slick and timeless.

Modular VRM water block - WATERCOOL needs YOUR help

For quite some time, we were silent regarding modern mainboard VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) cooling. The power loss ratio of recent socket 1151 boards was to masrginal to be attractive for water cooling. During the last year, this changed: Intel's X299 and AMD's platforms are the base for extremely power hungry CPUs that ask a lot from the VRMs and their cooling solutions.
Many customers approached us and asked for vrm watercooling solutions for many different boards. Because we always listen to our customers and friends, we want to develop the ultimate water block: our goal is to design either ONE universal water block, or a modular system with which virtually any recent motherboard's VRMs can be watercooled! To lay the foundation for this R&D and to find out how big the tolerances for components, hole patterns, stay-out-areas and measurements are, we need your help:
If you want to help us, provide pictures of your motherboards! That way, we can hopefully build a broad database with which we can start initial designs. We need three clear, focused shots:
- motherboard socket area without the VRM heatsink(s), straight shot from above. Preferably not tilted or angled, but straight frontal shot. (Example, Preferred example)
- backside of the heatsink with thermal pads still applied (optimal: VRM prints in the pad visible) (Example, Example2)
- backside of the motherboard (with vrm heatsink backplates mounted, if present) (Example)

Please send the pics to and state the full name of your motherboard. We are looking for ATX, mATX and eATX boardsfrom the last two or three years with current socket layouts (1151, 2011, 2011-v3, 2066, AM4 or TR4). We want to establish a picture data base from where we can measure certain similarities. In a second step, we want to design the modular water block system. We cannot state a certain ETA - but your help xould be the first step on the way to get there!