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Reviewed: HEATKILLER® IV CPU series

Water coolers from the HEATKILLER® IV CPU series constantly score top test results with reviewers and users alike complimenting on their outstanding manufacturing quality. Quite recently, two new tests have been published, which we would like to present to you in brief:

1. The Russian website ran a few of our HEATKILLER® IV coolers against current models made by EKWB. To anticipate the core finding: the HEATKILLER® IV attained the best cooling performance throughout the test. You find the detailed testing here:

2. Web forum user Narbennarr made several recent CPU water coolers compete. Here too, a HEATKILLER® IV achieved the best test results. The test was published in the forum part of PC Games Hardware, you can find the full review here:

If you should have missed earlier reviews of the HEATKILLER® IV, here goes a list of the corresponding tests: (english) (italian) (english) (german)

We proudly present: HEATKILLER® IV CPU water cooler for INTEL LGA-2011 Narrow ILM mounting

Watercool, your expert in high-quality and high-performance water cooling systems with German headquarter and manufacturing, presents new models of HEATKILLER® IV CPU water coolers. From now on, the multiply awarded HEATKILLER® IV CPU water cooler series is also available for INTEL LGA-2011

Product name Retail price,
VAT included
18041 HEATKILLER® IV PRO (INTEL LGA-2011 Narrow-ILM) COPPER NI 84.95 €

If you should already own a HEATKILLER® IV CPU cooler, you can buy the following conversion kit for sockets INTEL LGA-2011 Narrow ILM and LGA-2011-3 Narrow ILM.

Product name Retail price,
VAT included
14070 Conversion Kit HEATKILLER® IV for INTEL LGA-2011 Narrow ILM 19,95€

These new products can be purchased in the Watercool online shop or at our resellers.


XFX Radeon R9 390 and R9 390X compatible with HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ R9 290X

The following Radeon R9 390(X) graphic cards, made by XFX, feature the R9 290(X) reference pcb layout. All versions of our HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ R9 290X are compatible with them:

AMD RADEON R9 390X 1090M 8gb Double Dissipation Black Edition (R9-390X-8DB6)

AMD RADEON R9 390X 1050M 8gb Double Dissipation (R9-390X-8DF6)

AMD RADEON R9 390 1015M 8gb Double Dissipation Black Edition(R9-390P-8DB6)

AMD RADEON R9 390 1015M 8gb Double Dissipation (R9-390P-F28M)

HEATKILLER® IV for AMD sockets available

Good news for owners of AMD CPUs. The HEATKILLER® IV AMD series is now available. The following sockets will be supportet by the mounting brackets: Socket  939, 940, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM2 and FM2+.

Waterblocks for GeForce GTX 980Ti, TITAN X and R9 Fury X in the works

We are currently working on waterblocks for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti, GeForce TITAN X and AMD Radeorn R9 Fury X. They will be the first member of a brand new HEATKILLER® IV VGA series. Beside the short version we will also offer a XL version which covers the complete pcb. These waterblocks will be also available with acrylic tops. Backplates will be also available.

We proudly present: HEATKILLER® D5 TOP

We are currently adding products for the popular D5 pumps made by LAING to our line-up – starting with the HEATKILLER® D5-TOP. Its channel structure is optimised regarding flow. Four G1/4“ threads leave nothing to be desired when positioning the fittings.

Also available: Watercool D5 pumps with matching inlay from polished stainless steel.




HEATKILLER® IV performs best in cooling test on has tested our HEATKILLER® IV PRO and BASIC versions. The HEATKILLER® IV PRO outclassed all competitors regarding cooling power and showed the best cooling performance in the entire test range. Its other features scored just as well throughout the test. Hence, the HEATKILLER® IV PRO achieved a very good rating (4.7 of 5 possible points) and was honoured a Gold Award.
Read the test here.

MO-RA 3 scores top results and wins Exklusiv Award in test on

In a recent test on, the MO-RA3 series once again asserts its absolute top position amongst giant heat exchangers. The MO-RA3 360 and MO-RA3 460 models claimed top results regarding flow and cooling performance. Multiple accessories and outstanding manufacturing quality thrilled the testers, too. The entire MO-RA2 series was honoured the treasured Exklusiv Award.
Read the complete test here.


From now on, we offer a suiting water cooling set for all owners of the ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME. The HEATKILLER® MB-X KIT enables remarkable temperature decreases in both VRMs and chip set, and hence improves overclocking potential. The realm of possibilities in water cooling thus becomes much enlarged.

You should consider using the kit also if you are not into overclocking. Lower temperatures prolong the components' service life and like this make your hardware investments more sustainable.

The coolers' bottom plates are manufactured from electrolytic copper. Depending on the precise version, the copper becomes nickel-plated after that. The top is made from black POM.

The VRM cooler is solely available, too.

For further information, please refer to the according product descriptions in the Watercool online shop.

HEATKILLER® IV – First test published has thourougly tested our brand-new HEATKILLER® IV CPU water cooler. The results: top marks in cooling and flow performance! The tester was thrilled by the HEATKILLER® IV's technology and manufacturing quality, as demonstrated by his statement:
“ Watercool took their time developing the Heatkiller® IV and at last presents an absolute masterpiece. What looks like slight adjustments, at first glance, proves as remarkable changes when taking a closer look… .” Source:

Hence, the HEATKILLER® IV series won the first awards: the BASIC edition got a GOLD AWARD while the PRO edition was even honoured the much treasured EXKLUSIV AWARD. You can find the complete test here (german review).
If you have grown exited to call a HEATKILLER® IV your own, feel welcome to order it from our resellers or the Watercool online shop.