News 2019

HEATKILLER® IV PRO for Threadripper™ compatible with sTRX4

AMD introduced a new socket for their third gen of Threadripper™ processors: sTRX4. To make full use of these 24- or 32-core CPUs, one needs a potent cooling solution. Our HEATKILLER® IV PRO for Threadripper™ water blocks are the perfect match: the blocks are both compatible with TR4 and sTRX4 and can adequately cool all Threadripper™ and Epyc™ CPUs!
Several independent tests have confirmed that the HEATKILLER® IV PRO for Threadripper™ is the best performing block on the market: already last year, we won the gold award in XtremeRigs CPU block roundup. And since a couple of days, we can also claim the bestranking gold award in the new comparative test by Hardware-Helden!

New HEATKILLER® water blocks for AMD Radeon RX Navi available!

The new AMD Radeon RX 5700 / XT graphics cards are the definite value recommendation at their price point. But even thiese cards benefit from a poent cooling solution that can unlock additional performance gains. So the perfect companion are our new HEATKILLER® IV for Radeon RX 5700 / XT water blocks!
As with previous generations, there are five versions to this water block: for the cold plate, you can choose between pure copper and nickel plated copper. The budget solution for the top is from acetal, and the optics-driven solution is made from acrylic glass. The fron screen is available in either shiny stainless steel or stylish black anodized aluminum. The acrylic blocks come with preinstalled RGB illumination which can be switched to aRGB optionally.
A matching backplate and a single slot bracket round up the line-up. And if you prefer to continue using AMD's stock backplate, we offer a modkit to make the backplate compatile with our block!

Continous improvements and modernizations

The year 2019 brings a lot of structural changes to WATERCOOL: we grow, we rededicate, we improve and modernize!

  • Back in January, we added another 4-axis CNC milling machine
  • In March, we replaced the laser cutter and the punch press with a modern laser/punch-combo machine
  • In April, we replaced the old press brake with a newer, faster and more powerful 6-axis machine
  • Since July, earth moving and excavation for the next section of our machining hall are in progress: Assembly, packaging and shipping will be clustered together to improve our processes. All assembly - workplaces will be fully modernized here.
  • In Fall/Winter, we will add two more CNC milling machines

Our modernizations and improvements are en route to grow our production capacities. This will enable us to provide a better availability of all WATERCOOL products so we will have reliable and fast supply to all of our customers!

HEATKILLER for ASUS ROG Strix 2080 Ti available

All our HEATKILLER IV water blocks for the ASUS ROG STRIX 2080Ti graphics cards are now available! There are three versions: the HEATKILLER® IV for ASUS RTX 2080 Ti STRIX - ACRYL comes with a coldplate made from electrolytic copper. The acrylic window-top grants a perfect view on the cooling engine and the flow path. The HEATKILLER® IV for ASUS RTX 2080 Ti STRIX - ACRYL Ni RGB has a chemically nickel plated cold plate, and the same acrylic window and stainless steel trim. It also comes with a preinstalled RGB strip for perfect illumination! And the HEATKILLER® IV for ASUS RTX 2080 Ti STRIX - ACRYL Ni-Bl RGB comes with the same product features, but has a black trim instead of the stainless steel.
The matching eBC backplate for the block is also available, so your card is cooled and protected from all sides!

WATERCOOL at PAX East 2019

For the second time in a row, we were present with our own booth at PAX East in Boston this year. Together with our partners ModMyMods and DimasTech we presented our current product portfolio. A lot of attention was drawn to a project in development: we exhibited an engineering sample of the current stage of our controller unit in a small demonstration loop. This unit is able to measure and control all mtrics of a cooling loop and display them through an OLED to the user.  We'll update you on new developments for this unit. But the new blocks for the Asus 2080 Ti Strix cards were also highly sought after!

TeamHeatkiller Builds at CES

As every year, 2019 opens with a big bank for Teck Enthusiasts: the CES in Las Vegas in early January. While unfortunately we can't make it in person this year, there'll be (at least) two systems equipped with Heatkiller components:
ASUS will introduce their new Maximus XI Formula motherboard. Canadian pro modder Snef built a show-PC for this again, using a Heatkiller IV Black Copper and a Heatkiller Tube reservoir.
Zotac asked australian STuart Tonks of GGFlan to showcase their 2080 AMP Extreme graphics card. He's using a Heatkiller IV Black Copper and our Heatkiller Tube res as well, together with one of our HTSF2 radiators.
If you are in Vegas this year and find one of our components (for example at ASUS or Zotac booth), you can make a selfie, upload it to social media, tag our accounts, and you'll get a 10% discount coupon for our online shop!