News 2017

Modular VRM water block - WATERCOOL needs YOUR help

For quite some time, we were silent regarding modern mainboard VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) cooling. The power loss ratio of recent socket 1151 boards was to masrginal to be attractive for water cooling. During the last year, this changed: Intel's X299 and AMD's platforms are the base for extremely power hungry CPUs that ask a lot from the VRMs and their cooling solutions.
Many customers approached us and asked for vrm watercooling solutions for many different boards. Because we always listen to our customers and friends, we want to develop the ultimate water block: our goal is to design either ONE universal water block, or a modular system with which virtually any recent motherboard's VRMs can be watercooled! To lay the foundation for this R&D and to find out how big the tolerances for components, hole patterns, stay-out-areas and measurements are, we need your help:
If you want to help us, provide pictures of your motherboards! That way, we can hopefully build a broad database with which we can start initial designs. We need three clear, focused shots:
- motherboard socket area without the VRM heatsink(s), straight shot from above. Preferably not tilted or angled, but straight frontal shot. (Example, Preferred example)
- backside of the heatsink with thermal pads still applied (optimal: VRM prints in the pad visible) (Example, Example2)
- backside of the motherboard (with vrm heatsink backplates mounted, if present) (Example)

Please send the pics to and state the full name of your motherboard. We are looking for ATX, mATX and eATX boardsfrom the last two or three years with current socket layouts (1151, 2011, 2011-v3, 2066, AM4 or TR4). We want to establish a picture data base from where we can measure certain similarities. In a second step, we want to design the modular water block system. We cannot state a certain ETA - but your help xould be the first step on the way to get there!

TeamHeatkiller: Octarine

We are seeing a lot of TeamHeatkiller builds coming from Canada, recently. The newest entry is canadian, too: Octarine, built by Frederic (WorldofFred). By clever placement of the components, a clean loop layout and the spectacular Primochill Vue liquid he created a mesmerizing mod that we can't get enough of. We are happy that we could support Frederic with a HEATKILLER® for AMD, a HEATKILLER® IV for TITAN X and a HEATKILLER® Tube 200 DDC!

Neues review zum HEATKILLER® Tube

Our friends from released not only a build log in our own Forum recently. While doing that build log, they also wrote a great review about  HEATKILLER® Tube reservoirs including all accessories and even shot some additional, amazing photos of it.
Read the review in englisch

New TeamHeatkiller Build by nxtgenpcs

Earlier this year, the gifted modder Derek from nxtgenpcs asked for a sponsoring for his next build. We were stoked by his previous stuff, so we decided to go for it, and the result was extraordinary: the Inwin 509 build!
So we are more than happy that he picked our products again to go along with his newest work: NZXT asked him tro introduce their newest premium case H700I - and to emphasize the quality and performance of this case, he naturally chose Heatkiller!

Our own RGB LED strips to illuminate your HEATKILLER®

Illumination has been a mlong standing trend in the Modding- and Enthusiast-scene. WATERCOOLadopted this trend early on. All our GPU water blocks from the Nvidia GTX 1080 series and the AMD RX Vega series on already come with special channels for LED strips, and our HEATKILLER® Tube series reservoirs also come prepared with an adequate slot in one of the struts. And our freshly announced HEATKILLER® for Threadripper water blocks even ship with a preinstalled RGB LED strip!
We offer matching ready-to-use single color strips for a long time. So it's our pleasure that we can now also offer RGB LED strips! Powerful SMD LEDs can now illuminate all the above mentioned with all the colors of RGB. The ships come ready to use with an approx 40cm cable that connects to every standardized RGB LED header on current motherboards or thirdparty LED controllers. The cable is perfectly sleeved with black Paracord and works perfectly for even the highest standard casemod projects!
We currently sell the strips in XS and S through our shop. Other lenght for different usage scenarios might follow in the near future...

Pre-order discount for HEATKILLER IV for AMD Threadripper

With an TDP of 180W(without overclocking), AMDs Threadripper CPUs are the most powerconsuming processors currently available. Hence, these CPUs benefit greatly by a potent cooling solution. So we are very proud to announce our HEATKILLER IV for Threadripper CPU water blocks!
The first block in the line up will be the Pure Copper version, available from November 10th. Two weeks later, a nickelplated version and two versions with an acrylic top will be available. Thess Acryl versions will also be the pinnacle of our line up, coming with a preionstalled RGB LED strip that will easily integrate the block into any existing illumination concept. All four versions come with the extremely large coldplate that not only covers the entire IHS of the Threadripper CPUs, but also doublefunctions as mounting solution onto the TR4 socket.
We offer a 10% pre-order discount for all four blocks, valid till their respective availability. Order yours in the shop right now!

Career opportunity

The hardware generations follow up on each others quicker and quicker, and the models in each generation vary more and more. To accomodate this development and to publish our products quicker, we are un the look-out for new talents!
We are looking for a creative, enthuthiastic CAD/CAM Developer and Designer, mapping out and designing new water blocks and other products at our HQ in Waren / Müritz. Please find all details at our job advertisement.

HEATKILLER® IV water blocks for AMD RX Vega 56 and 64 now available

It's our pleasure to announce that the complete line-up of water blocks for AMD RX Vega 56 and 64 is now available.

The core features of these blocks are excellent performance while maintaining very low flow restriction to achieve maximum efficiency.
We came up with a new solution for illumination. It is still possible to simply use a single-color-LED strip. This strip connects to the onboard LED port of the graphics card. But we now also offer customized RGB LED strips. This strip comes with a custom sleeved cable that can be routed out of the block and then connects to a LED header on the mainboard or an external LED controller. This way, the water block can be included into an existing illumination concept.

Find all versions and accessories below:


Prod.Nr. Product name MSRP incl. 19% VAT
15046 HEATKILLER® IV for RX Vega 56 and 64 - ACRYL 104,95 €
15047 HEATKILLER® IV for RX Vega 56 and 64 - ACRYL Ni 114,95 €
15048 HEATKILLER® IV for RX Vega 56 and 64 - ACRYL Ni-Bl 114,95 €
78026 HEATKILLER® LED Stripes - VGA Vega - blue 8,95 €
78027 HEATKILLER® LED Stripes - VGA Vega - red 8,95 €
78028 HEATKILLER® LED Stripes - VGA Vega - white 8,95 €
78029 HEATKILLER® LED Stripes - Size XS - RGB 9,95 €
15498 I/O Bracket for R9 Fury X and RX Vega 6,95 €


Dedicated water block for AMD Ryzen Threadripper in development

We are happy to announce that we are currently working on a dedicated water block for AMD's new Ryzen Threadripper CPUs. We tailored the cooling engine exactly to the enlarged DIE area of the Threadripper CPUs. THis should yield the best possible cooling performance even under heavy overclocks.
The block will come with very unique aesthetics, because we follow the rectangular shape of the socket. But fans of the original Heatkiller design language can rest easy, the block will be recognizable as a Heatkiller product since we incorporated some typical design elements. Pictures will follow soon.
Additionally to this standalone water block, we will also offer conversion kits for Heatkiller IV CPU blocks. The 66mm long cooling plate of the Heatkiller IV almost covers the entire DIE area of a Threadripper. It can hence provide a decent cooling solution. But if you want to drive your Threadkiller to the absolute maximum, you should rather go for the dedicated block.
The water block will come in different versions and will start to ship on September 6zh. The conversion kits will also be available on September 6th.

Watercool confirms 2066 socket compatibility

All HEATKILLER® IV CPU water blocks for INTEL CPUs are out-of-the-box compatible with the latest socket 2066 by INTEL. Mounting is identical to socket 2011. The same mounting material can be used with sockets 2011 and 2066.

The same applies for our HEATKILLER® CPU REV 3.0. Customers who own the mounting kit for socket 2011 can use the water block with the new Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs. Customers who do not have the mounting kit can get their conversion kit at our resellers or our shop.
We would like to use the opportunity to mention that we now offer complete water blocks with the popular “Hardwareluxx” top.