WATERCOOL HEATKILLER® Release Plan for Nvidia RTX 30

We plan to support three different PCB layouts for Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 cards:

  • - Step1: water block for the so-called "partner reference layout". With this block, we will support as many different cards from as many different manufacturers as possible. You can now find a list of supported 3080 cards at . This list is constantly updated as new information becomes available and we learn more about cards, layouts, and variations. This block will be available from mid to end of October.
  • Step2: customized water block for the EVGA XC3 layout. This layout is heavily based on the partner reference layout, and only requires some minor adaptions. It will become available by early to mid November.
  • Step3: a fully custom block for one of the "True" custom cards. We are currently undecided between Asus TUF, Asus Strix and EVGA FTW. We will run a poll after the first block is released to learn more about your preferences.

Mail from Japan

WATERCOOL's unique selling point has always been our own production capabilities: we truly are manufacturing industry and produce all of our products on our own machines in our own workshop. The heart of our production lines are clearly the CNC-milling centers. They are involved in the making of virtually all of our products! SO we are very happy that we could enhance our machining park this week: thanks to the ever rising demand for our popular HEATKILLER® products, we could get another two 4-axis CNC milling machines this week!
The machines will be set up, connected, and calibrated in the next weeks. This will enable us to raise our productivity and improve the availability of our products globally!
In the same step, we will also restructure and enhance our storage capacities. We will have additional packing stations to process orders more efficiently. A new customized fully digital management system will support our staff in every step.

Watercool Industrial Line

The demand for highperforming, robust liquid cooling components has been rising since several years. System stability has been a key focus in this sector. That's why we are very proud to announce the WATERCOOL D5-Dualtop Industrial Line. This top is made from a massive block of acetal (POM), combined with a mounting bracket fmade from 2mm stainless steel. The intewgration of two Lowara D5 pump motors provides superb operational reliability.


The perfect mounting solution for the Watercool D5-DUALTOPis our MO-RA3 420 D5-DUALTOP Modul mounting bracket. It can be installed onto a MO-RA3 420 radiator easily and can host both the Watercool D5-DUALTOP and a HEATKILLER® Tube reservoir 150 or 200. It also provides high stability and robust design and is made from 2mm stainless steel.


Mayhems fluids now available

We are happy to announce that WATERCOOL now cooperates with Mayhems Solutions Ltd! We carry Mayhems Tubing since quite a while, but starting today, we now also offer Mayhems cooling fluids! With 15 years of experience in the development and production of cooling fluids for PC liquid cooling setups, Mayhems has set industry standards multiple times. We now carry the Mayhems X1 line: translucent fluids in different colors that come with all relevant additives like corrosion inhibitors for copper, brass, steel, nickel and aluminum and biocides against algae and bacterial growth included.
You can now get all components needed for a liquid cooling loop at WATERCOOL!

WATERCOOL passes tax savings on to customers

Since July 1st, the German value added tax (VAT) is reduced from 19 to 16 percent. Of course, we pass this saving on to our customers! All previous orders that haven't shipped yet will also be invoiced under the reduced VAT and we will refund the overpayment after shipping.

We are currently experiencing some display errors in our shop where partially, prices are still displayed with the old VAT value. We are working with the software provider to solve these display errors as fast as possible.


VAT is only applied to orders from customers within the EU. If your shipping address is outside of the EU, German VAT doesn't apply to you, so there will be no price change, at all.


Product development survey: pump tops

We are currently planning a complete overhaul of our pump tops. We want to refresh, expand, and homogenize the lineup, make the parts compatible with each other, and give it a new, modern design. We already have many criteria fixed internally - but on some questions, we are completely open for input. So we want to ask you, our customers and users, for your opinions on these issues: what do you expect from a new pump top? This survey has 8 questions and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
Please help us developing the perfect product for YOU!
>>> To the survey <<<

Shipping restrictions with DHL and FedEx

Production and Assembly at WATERCOOL still operate normally. But our shipping partners Deutsche Post, DHL and FedEx report different restrictions. There are some countries or regions that are currently not supported by some or all of the shipping companies due to the Corona pandemic. As the status changes dynamically, we will not provide a static list of restricted regions here, but ask you to check the respective statements:

If you currently have an open order with us that is affected by the shipping restricions, please contact so we can find an individual solution for your situation.
Stay healthy!

WATERCOOL not influenced by Corona pandemic

The Corona pandemic is currently shaking the whole world. But while the systemic impacts are pretty drastic, the individual effects can be close to not noticeable. Thanks to WATERCOOL's slim structures and the location, we are well prepared for the current situation. Production, assembly and shipping continue without any restraints! We still offer full service to all our customers and ship all of our popular HEATKILLER® components.
Of course, we watch the developments closely and follow all cautionary measurements by the authorities. We use remote work (Home Office) for all roles applicable, and follow strict hygiene protocol in all roles that physically interact with the product, so that the customers receive a clean and safe product!

Forum deactivated

Our forum's software became incompatible with our general homepage system due to a software update. As we are currently working on a completely new homepage, we decided to shut the forum down for now. The new homepage will have a dedicated helpdesk area with a ticketing system and other feedback channels.
Of course, we are still accessible and looking forward to help our customers: we usually answer all requests via our contact form and direct mails to within 24 hours.

HEATKILLER® IV PRO for Threadripper™ compatible with sTRX4

AMD introduced a new socket for their third gen of Threadripper™ processors: sTRX4. To make full use of these 24- or 32-core CPUs, one needs a potent cooling solution. Our HEATKILLER® IV PRO for Threadripper™ water blocks are the perfect match: the blocks are both compatible with TR4 and sTRX4 and can adequately cool all Threadripper™ and Epyc™ CPUs!
Several independent tests have confirmed that the HEATKILLER® IV PRO for Threadripper™ is the best performing block on the market: already last year, we won the gold award in XtremeRigs CPU block roundup. And since a couple of days, we can also claim the bestranking gold award in the new comparative test by Hardware-Helden!