The legendary HEATTRANSFORMER-Flat series reaches its next evolutionary level with the HTF4 heat exchanger. Just as with its predecessors, the development of the new generation focused on ultimate performance, looks, functionality, and the established Watercool quality while integrating new technologies. Amongst others, the cooling geometry was redesigned and is now based on an improved MORA3-design with a reworked concept of flow. In conventional heat exchangers the cooling fluid flows in one U-turn or in multiple passes from one side to the other, keeping the direction of fluid movement always perpendicular to the air flow. In the HTF4, however, the fluid flows in serial, stacked levels oriented parallel to the fans, thus improving heat distribution and performance. Parallel flow through seven tubes per level and the optimised, modular connection block ensure low flow resistance and maximum flow. Like other Watercool products, the HTF4 is produced using only high quality materials. The tubes are made from pure electrolytic copper, the fins from high quality aluminium. To further improve performance, the fins remain uncoated, while the corpus is protected from external influence by a robust powder-coating. The HTF4 is a pure 140 mm design. It is fully symmetrical; fans can be mounted on both sides, as well as fittings. Four G1/4“-threads are available for fittings, and M3-threads are embedded into the casing for fans. The layout of the HTF4 is optimised for low-rpm fans. The HTF4 offers a wide range of accessories. Optional mounting brackets, feet, and grills make for a perfect eye catcher. Mounting it internally seems almost a waste.


Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Threads Pressure tested Colors Material
HTF4 3x140 LT
495/152/65 2 900g G ¼ Zoll (DIN ISO 228-1) 5 Bar schwarz, weiß Tubes: copper, Fins: aluminum, Housing: powder coated steel , stainless steel