Extraordinary cooling performance, high flow rates, child's play mounting, and superior design – all these features make the HEATKILLER® IV the most powerful HEATKILLER® ever.
  • HTSF2 series

    High-quality and robust 120 mm heat exchanger series – now further optimised regarding cooling performance. Observe its full potential unfold with slowly rotating fans. Deliberately constructed without flat tubing, which would narrow cross-sections, operation pressures of up to 20 bars become possible.
  • HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ "Acryl Edition"

    Coolers from our popular HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ series have just gotten a brilliant transparent look – we equipped them with a PLEXIGLAS® top.

    The HEATKILLER® MB-X series is the ideal addition for your HEATKILLER® IV. It contains powerful full cover water coolers for selected mainboards. Ideal for overclockers and hardcore gamers.


Since July 1st, the German value added tax (VAT) is reduced from 19 to 16 percent. Of course, we pass this saving on to our customers! All previous orders that haven't shipped yet will also be invoiced under the reduced VAT and we will refund the overpayment after shipping.

We are currently planning a complete overhaul of our pump tops. We want to refresh, expand, and homogenize the lineup, make the parts compatible with each other, and give it a new, modern design.

Production and Assembly at WATERCOOL still operate normally. But our shipping partners Deutsche Post, DHL and FedEx report different restrictions. There are some countries or regions that are currently not supported by some or all of the shipping companies due to the Corona pandemic.

The Corona pandemic is currently shaking the whole world. But while the systemic impacts are pretty drastic, the individual effects can be close to not noticeable. Thanks to WATERCOOL's slim structures and the location, we are well prepared for the current situation.