Extraordinary cooling performance, high flow rates, child's play mounting, and superior design – all these features make the HEATKILLER® IV the most powerful HEATKILLER® ever.
  • HTSF2 series

    High-quality and robust 120 mm heat exchanger series – now further optimised regarding cooling performance. Observe its full potential unfold with slowly rotating fans. Deliberately constructed without flat tubing, which would narrow cross-sections, operation pressures of up to 20 bars become possible.
  • HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ "Acryl Edition"

    Coolers from our popular HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ series have just gotten a brilliant transparent look – we equipped them with a PLEXIGLAS® top.

    The HEATKILLER® MB-X series is the ideal addition for your HEATKILLER® IV. It contains powerful full cover water coolers for selected mainboards. Ideal for overclockers and hardcore gamers.


We plan to support three different PCB layouts for Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 cards:


WATERCOOL's unique selling point has always been our own production capabilities: we truly are manufacturing industry and produce all of our products on our own machines in our own workshop. The heart of our production lines are clearly the CNC-milling centers.

The demand for highperforming, robust liquid cooling components has been rising since several years. System stability has been a key focus in this sector.

We are happy to announce that WATERCOOL now cooperates with Mayhems Solutions Ltd!