Hardware-Helden has published another graphics card cooler test for the Asus RTX 4090 TUF, including our enhanced version of the HEATKILLER V PRO cooler. The HEATKILLER V Ultra presented itself as the absolute performance king in this exceptionally elaborate review. In comparison to the Pro, the ULTRA version features a reworked base plate with an extremely fine slit structure.

With 100 x 0.15mm fins and around 70% more cooling surface compared to the PRO version, the HK V Ultra managed to outperform the strong competition from Optimus by delivering superior performance values.


The HEATKILLER V Ultra has been added to our product range with immediate effect – the Pro version will of course remain available. Due to the modular design of the cooler, every HK V Pro can be upgraded to an HK V Ultra by simply replacing the separately available base plate.

The links to the review and to the Ultra base plates can be found here:

Review hardware-Helden:
Link to base plate:
Link to the coolers: