The HEATKILLER® MB-X coolers focus on high performance. They are developed for a specific mainboard and dismiss the modular design of the HEATKILLER® SW-X series. Hence, they deliver outstanding cooling performance and very low flow resistance (high flow). Both VRMs and chokes are cooled, resulting in a simultaneous increase in stability and overclocking potential.

Another feature of the HEATKILLER® MB-X series are isolating stand-offs which de-couple cooler and mainboard. At the same time, they enable easy and firm mounting.

Only high quality materials are used manufacturing the HEATKILLER® MB-X series. The bottom is made from pure electrolytic copper while the top is milled from POM to reduce weight. A polished stainless steel cover hides all screws, thus providing a very clean design.

The water coolers can be comfortably integrated into the cooling loop using G ¼ inch threads. Aside from mounting material the coolers comes with pre-cut thermal pads. No further thermal compounds are required.