The year 2019 brings a lot of structural changes to WATERCOOL: we grow, we rededicate, we improve and modernize!

  • Back in January, we added another 4-axis CNC milling machine
  • In March, we replaced the laser cutter and the punch press with a modern laser/punch-combo machine
  • In April, we replaced the old press brake with a newer, faster and more powerful 6-axis machine
  • Since July, earth moving and excavation for the next section of our machining hall are in progress: Assembly, packaging and shipping will be clustered together to improve our processes. All assembly – workplaces will be fully modernized here.
  • In Fall/Winter, we will add two more CNC milling machines

Our modernizations and improvements are en route to grow our production capacities. This will enable us to provide a better availability of all WATERCOOL products so we will have reliable and fast supply to all of our customers!