We proudly present the HEATKILLER V eBC – Backplate for RTX 3080/3090 EVGA FTW3 graphics cards – our interpretation of an active backplate for maximum cooling performance.

The most significant features of the active eBC backplate in overview:

  • Backplate made of solid copper
  • Modified connection terminal
  • Parallel flow
  • Easy mounting
  • High-Luminous aRGB illumination

The backplate’s solid copper design is a unique selling point. The large surface area guarantees an excellent performance especially for the hot spot temperatures in the areas of the graphics card processor, VRAM and the voltage converters. The cooling channels were arranged to provide active cooling for all relevant components.

The connection terminal has been modified to connect the graphics card cooler directly to the backplate. Not only does this look cleaner, but it also allows a parallel inflow, which increases the flow rate while reducing the flow resistance. To achieve the best possible cooling performance, the flow ratio between the active backplate and the graphics card cooler was optimized during development by performing countless tests.

The assembly is done in two simple steps. The active backplate and the graphics card cooler are mounted first and then both are connected by the new connection terminal. In order to present the active backplate in the best light, WATERCOOL’s new High-Luminous LEDs are used. These LEDs provide an uniform illumination with brilliant colors.

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