Slow dispatching? Order # 6921

      Slow dispatching? Order # 6921

      Hello Watercool.

      First of all, I would like to say that your products look amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on my water cooling parts, and also sorry about the double post, I accidentally posted on the Duetsch forum and I can't delete a thread.

      However, it shouldn't take more than a week to dispatch a shipment to the shipper. I had placed an order on 7/28, and still have gotten no notice on shipping. I had sent an email to, and have not gotten a response after 2-3 days (sent during the week). It looks like for some reason you have better response on forums for support issues so I'm trying here.

      I would like an update on the timeframe when my order will be shipped out, as I have gotten zero communication.

      As a customer I value good quality products, but I also value speedy shipping and good customer service. If you can't deliver on all of these then maybe you should consider expanding your resources, since you obviously can't keep up with the influx of orders. (From what I see on this forum, it seems this has been going on for a while). Communication is a key point of customer service, as I shouldn't have to reach out to you to ask "where is my order?". It should be your job to tell customers of delays and expected time frames, etc.

      Honestly If I were to give a recommendation to my friends about your company, I would say to never buy from you, and just go with EKWB instead. EKWB has a decent support team, is fairly quick with dispatching speed, and still has good quality products.

      I hope I see a change in this company, and that it will be a much better experience to buy from you in the future.

      Until then, Cheers,
      Matthew Strom
      Also just as an extra note:

      If I do not get my order confirmed and that I receive a message saying that it was sent off to the shipper to be shipped by the end of Monday, I'm going to cancel my order and order from EKWB.

      This is ridiculous. (That also gives your support team all of Monday to respond to this message, which I think is perfectly fair.