• HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ series

    The full serving for power hungry-graphic cards. Features include: very slim profile, a modular connection system, and a very fine cooling structure with low flow resistance.
  • HEATKILLER® CPU Rev3.0 series

    The HEATKILLER® 3.0 satisfies testers and places itself regularly among the upper ranks. Its various incarnations are the delight of well over 10.000 customers worldwide. Quality “mady by Watercool” prevails.
  • MO-RA3 series

    An all-out improvement: Multiple enhancements increase the MO-RA3’s performance considerably compared to previous generations. Add in the improved functionality and design, and the MO-RA3 becomes the head of its class.
  • GPU backplates

    The HEATKILLER® GPU Backplates improve both the looks and the mechanical rigidity of the graphic card. Being made from polished stainless steel, the backplates are true eye catchers as well.


Our HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ compatibility list is now at your disposal. This list is supposed to provide you with information about the PCB-layout used for your graphic card.

Today, we want to present some new products in the Watercool line-up. First up is a water cooling set for selected Z87 mainboards from ASUS.

HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ GTX 770 “Hole Edition“ scored highest cooling performance in a test by

A new fan-mount for the big MO-R3 420 is now available from our shop and resellers.